[Day Three, Wednesday 23rd] Favorite Quote - 1.05 Broken Mirror

I don’t know how you do it. This job. How do you stomach it?
Track Title: All These Things That I've Done

Artist: The Killers

Album: Hot Fuss


all these things that i’ve done // the killers

i got soul, but i’m not a soldier


my hobbies include downloading photoshop resources and never using them

elle greenaway appreciation week (+)

day three (favourite quote): 

The men I hunt down are cowards. For the most part, they target the weakest members of society, women and children. There’s nothing I’d rather do more than put the bastards away.


you guys are pretty cool for 50 year-old pedophiles

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Elle Greenaway Appreciation Week + Day Three, Favorite Quote 

What’s the matter, Scotty? Can’t deal with a woman who isn’t afraid of you?

my grandmother has Alzheimer’s and she forgets people’s names. she knows my mom’s her daughter and that I’m her granddaughter etc. but she has problems with names. she also has this thing with short term memory, like she doesn’t remember what she ate for breakfast but has no problem with stuff that happened 20 or 30 years ago and can talk about it in details.

my stepfather just entered the room and my grandma called him by my father’s name. she remembers the name of a man she hasn’t seen in 20 years

my stepfather didn’t get what’s wrong. I had to put a fist in my mouth to muffle my laughter. my mother is rolling on the floor pissing herself.

15. quotes: favourite quotes from a character, in gifs. (Requested by Anon).

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